Friday, July 1, 2011


Grey, Black & Blue. Looks alright.

Months and months have gone by since I originally intended to spin off j.Bowman Can't Sleep. 7 Months to be exact. After an obscenely long time deciding on format, tabs and what my first post would be, I find myself here, at 6:00am on the first day of July finally just deciding to say "f*** it" and getting on with it.

Back in December 2010, over on j.B.C.S. I did a "12 Days of Christmas Movies" feature where I applied my specific brand of nonsense and lunacy towards something that I have loved deeply my entire life.


j.Bowman Loves Movies is one of the most honest things I will ever say. I am not the most passionate guy around (as any female conquest of mine can definitely attest to) but if there is one thing that I care about it's Movies. I was taken to see my first movie 6 days before I turned 1 (oddly enough that was 25 years ago today). For all you science majors out there, that means I was a baby. My mother had taken me to see "The Great Mouse Detective" and apparently from the moment the lights went down I was hooked and my long term committed relationship with movies began. Throughout all the changes in my life since then (Most proud of the fact I no longer poop myself) the one thing that has never waned is my appreciation for all things cinematic.

As I grew up I would spend the majority of my time in darkened theatres. My mother has worked at a movie theatre ever since before I was born, so there is a bit of a family legacy to uphold. I was born into this. Babysitter not required.  Before I was in kindergarten I would just go to work with my mum, run around the theatre concession until I got tired, then I'd pick a theatre to sit and rest in while enjoying a movie (Look out for my 3rd blog: j.Bowman Loved Running). When I was in school, I would spend many a summer day and night at the theatre having movie marathons and watching several in a row. As a teen I amassed a ridiculous collection of DVDs that at last count totalled over 800. I was bred for this.

Movies are my go to form of escapism, and who doesn't love a good escape every once in awhile? Rather than take up valuable (read: useless) space on j.B.C.S. with movie reviews and any other Cinema related posts, I'll just put everything here on j.B.L.M. Cool? Cool.

I happily look forward to wasting 5 minutes of your day until the day comes where I decide I've had it with movies and I move on to something more relevant.

Like politics. Or weather. Weather would be an interesting topic. Especially because the day I stop loving movies will be the day the Devil snowboards. So until that day...

Keep it Reel, Monpeeps

- jB

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